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LED Recessed Lighting provides a different aesthetic compared to traditional light fixtures. Often referred to as “can lighting”, an electrician installs the recessed can fixture with the LED into a hollow opening in the ceiling. They can provide task lighting which allows for light to be directed to one point creating greater visibility for tasks such as cooking, working, or reading. LED Recessed Lighting has the option for various dimming effects creating an ambient environment in your home or office. With strategic placement, LED Recessed Lights provide a subtle glow that can blur the corners of a room creating the look and feel of more space.

Kitchen in modern home with large center island

Kitchen in modern home with large center island

Why Install LED lighting?

LED lighting is efficient, long-lasting, gives off no heat, and is more aesthetic. Updating the lights in the room is a simple affordable way to create a new look for the entire room. Also,if you are selling your home they can transform the room and give buyers the look and efficiency they are looking for in a new home purchase.

Read this great article discussing LED lighting: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/05/garden/whats-best-led-or-incandescent-lights.html?_r=0





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