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Ceiling Fan and Chandelier Installation

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is an essential element in the optimization of the cooling of your home.  In addition to an air conditioning unit and attic fan, Ceiling Fans create unobstructed cool air circulation providing your home with a vital tool for your arsenal against the hot and humid summers of The Woodlands, Spring, and Montgomery County.

Proper installation of a Ceiling Fan is an art.  AAA Bishop’s experienced electricians have perfected this art for over 25 years. Our electricians know the dynamics of installing ceiling fan fixtures to prevent wobble, rattle, or shake.

Benefits of Installing Ceiling Fans

Residents need the greatest edge to keep cool during the hot and humid months and maintain a stylish and affordable lifestyle.  Ceiling Fans provide a host of benefits for homeowners.

  • Versatility
    • Ceiling fans can be installed in both High Ceiling and Low Ceiling rooms.
    • Interior and exterior options for home, offices, and patios.
  • Customization of Lighting Options
    • Many ceiling fans come with factory grade light bulb kits that do not do the beauty of your home justice.  AAA Bishop Electric has the experience and knowledge needed to maximize lighting in your home and outdoors.  With the latest LED bulbs for your ceiling fan fixture, you can merge cooling and lighting into one energy saving bundle!


Chandeliers add an elegant and classic feel to any home.  The versatility of chandeliers are endless.  Chandeliers have evolved in design and function and are no longer just for a living room or foyer.  Their beautiful intricacy provides an eye catching focus that can bring any room to life.

Safety and care are our highest priorities when installing your chandelier. It takes high degree of experience and skill to do it safely and without any damage to your house and fixture. AAA Bishop can accommodate the installation of any height and width of chandelier and we always use Commercial A-Frame ladders for the safety of hanging your fixtures.

AAA Bishop Electric also specializes in lighting consultations to help you maximize your home’s lighting to create the most comfortable and eye pleasing atmosphere.

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