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Troubleshooting and Inspection Code Corrections

Troubleshooting and Inspection Code Corrections

The Importance of Having a Licensed Electrician for Troubleshooting and Inspection Code Corrections

Troubleshooting and Inspection Code Corrections are two very important aspects of home maintenance that require the specialization of an experience Electrician.  Often times a handyman electrician can be sent to your home to diagnose an electrical issue.  Due to a lack of experience, it may take them hours to figure out the problem.  Those hours cost you time and money.  Experience affords an electrician many opportunities to encounter typical electrical issues, and it is from that experience that he draws an understanding of how to accurately fix them.


When an electrical issue arises in your home or office it can be difficult to know how to fix it.  Save time and money by calling one of  AAA Bishop Electric’s electricians to quickly diagnose the problem.  Our electricians have over 25 years of experience which guarantees accurate assessments and recommended solutions.  Depending on the issue, our master electrician is dispatched most times to handle any trouble shooting calls.


Inspection Code Corrections

Have you decided to sell your house?  AAA Bishop Electric provides Inspection Code Corrections to fix any problems that have been presented by inspectors to keep the electrical layout of your house compliant.  With over 25 years of service in the The Woodlands, Spring, Conroe and Montgomery County, we have learned many of the code requirements in each location.

Typical code corrections can include:

  • Standard Panel Box Corrections: Antioxidant paste on aluminum wires, double lugged neutrals, bundled ground wires, over sized breakers, acorn clamps on ground rod, label panel box
  • GFCI Outlet protection

    The National Electrical Code (National Fire Protection Association [NFPA] 70), the model code for electrical wiring installations, requires GFCIs for receptacles located outdoors; in bathrooms; garages; kitchens; crawl spaces and unfinished basements; near laundry, utility, and wet bar sinks; and at certain locations such as near swimming pools

We are honest about the necessary corrections that you have to make, and will never quote you for any unnecessary repairs.   Contact us today.



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